2017 National OPAT Conference

ICC Birmingham, 11th - 12th December 2017

This years National OPAT Conference intends to build and grow on the successes of previous events and will once again bring together world renowned speakers and experts to discuss and learn about upcoming challenges in the OPAT setting

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The IV-eye® vein finder is a portable, lightweight, handheld device, designed to help healthcare professionals “Assess and Access” the best vein for peripheral venepuncture or cannulation.

The recently released, next generation IV -eye allows you see veins in a new light,, providing a digitally enhanced real-time clear image of a patient’s vascular structure, using near infrared light. This can be viewed in both grey scale and in colour. It’s easy to operate, requires no calibration and minimal training.

The IV-eye is particularly useful for difficult access situations, helping to reduce unsuccessful needle stick attempts and assist in the best choice of vein, supporting better clinical outcomes, including vessel health preservation, and increased patient satisfaction.

Visit Novarix at stand 12 for a live demonstration.