Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) Conference & Workshops

Part of the BSAC OPAT Initiative

Dr Jolanta Bernatoniene

In 2008, I was appointed Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Disease & Immunology (PIID) at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Between 2011 and 2023, I was the clinical lead for the PIID service, which provides secondary and tertiary care for children with primary and acquired immunodeficiency including HIV, and consultative service for children with severe infectious diseases in Bristol and the Southwest Region. The service also provides high quality evidence-based, comprehensive and sustainable immunisation expertise to improve vaccination practice and vaccine accountability, promote and disseminate accurate, up to date information on childhood immunisation.

In 2014, I have established and continue to lead a very successful paediatric outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy service (p-OPAT) service in Bristol and the p-OPAT assisted service for the Southwest Region. The service seen a 126% increase in referrals which results in >11,000 bed days saved so far. The service success rate is about 987% - 98%.

As part of NIHR Clinical Research Network, I also support and actively participate in national and international clinical research trials related to Childhood Infections & Immunity as well as maternal immunisations. Over last 5 years, I've been involved in >50 paediatric trials as Principal investigator PI or Co-investigator enrolling >3000 subjects enrolled locally.

I am a Senior Lecturer at Bristol University and an External Examiner for Postgraduate PIID Diploma at Oxford University. I am also an elected Chair of CSAC (College Specialty Advisory Committee) for paediatric infectious disease & immunology specialty in the UK supervising the development and delivery of subspecialty training and the assessment standards.