Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) Conference & Workshops

Part of the BSAC OPAT Initiative

Mr Suman Shrestha

I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working in Intensive Care at Frimley Park Hospital (Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust). I am one of the senior critical care nurses within our organisation and actively involved in many improving care projects within my trust which includes developing and implementing policies/guidelines on sepsis, goal directed therapy, management of out of hospital cardiac arrest and care of tracheostomy patients. External to the trust, I am the Professional Lead for Acute, Emergency and Critical Care at the Royal College of Nursing and I represent the Royal College of Nursing on various forums at NCEPOD, NICE, Critical Care Leadership Forum, Health Education England and NHS England. I am one of the project board members of the RCN (2016) Standards for IV Infusion Therapy.