Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) Conference & Workshops

Part of the BSAC OPAT Initiative

Sue Wen Leo

Sue has a joint role of antimicrobial and high cost drugs management in the NHS since 2015. In her antimicrobial role, she worked with the OPAT team and Trust in developing a successful business case for the OPAT service in Lincolnshire, allowing patients to be treated at home with intravenous antibiotics safely and effectively. She runs antimicrobial ward rounds and practises as an independent pharmacist prescriber. In Sue’s high cost drugs role, she acts as an effective linkage between the Trust and the commissioners in improving access to medicines.

Remembering the names of microorganisms has already been a challenge itself, Sue decided she could do with a few more plant names. Outside work, she is a keen gardener and is known to her neighbour’s cats for having a good time in the garden.